walks tailored to your dog's needs

My name is Oscar & my life revolves around ensuring that dogs are happy, healthy and walked. A properly exercised dog is more likely to be a better-behaved pet. Post-walk, your pup will have a calmer state of mind, which is my main focus. I'm ready to take your furry friend on a super chill walk, contact me with any questions!

My Skills &

how i care for your pup

I have professionally walked dogs via various dog walking services, gained various accomplishments through them, and have walked hundreds of dogs. I will tailor your dogs walk to meet their endurance needs. If you would like, I offer FREE meet-and-greets to ensure further peace of mind for you and your dog.

Past clients have received the following services: Adventure Dog Hikes, Pet Shuttle/Dog Taxi Services, Short Term Dog Boarding, Long Term Dog Boarding, Bath & Brush, Dog Day Care, One Time Walks, Scheduled Dog Walks, Dog Check-ins & Feedings, and Pack Walks.

I am a certified dog bather, meaning I'm trained to bathe and groom dogs of all breeds and sizes. I offer a wide variety of services, for a full breakdown of that please see the Bath & Brush page under Services.


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